Apostolopoulos Bros

(Pork chop marinated with sweet paprika and herbs)

Who we are

Thirty years as a butcher, Mr. Andreas passes on experience and knowledge to his three sons who took over the brand new and modern butcher shop "Apostolopoulos Bros" in Chalandri. The three children, Thanasis, Vassilis and Dimitris, have attended a school of butchers, seminars and most importantly ... practical training with Mr. Andreas.

«Our father accepts the changes and supports us»

... says Thanasis pointing to the refrigerators of dry aging meat and explaining the reasons that the taste of the matured beef for 40 days or more is more complex and rich. "Many colleagues now apply dry aging, but it is important to choose the right part for the screening to make sense. A key factor is to choose meat rich in intramuscular fat (marbling) and not dry ". It emphasizes the nutritional advantages of the buffalo meat that they bring from Kerkini and the deep taste intensity of the Iberian pig (pata negra) of Greek breeding from the Kermes farm (certified organic breeding) in Ilia.

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